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School Uniform


Wearing a Uniform is a badge of pride, creates an identity for a school and is an important part of being a school student

A school Uniform teaches student to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance.

Parents must keep up this standard by ensuring that their ward is smartly dressed.

Class: Pre Nursery, Nursery, L.K.G & U.K.G



There are five coloured T-shirts kept for five days

Monday : Onion Pink T-Shirt

Tuesday : Orange T–Shirt

Wednesday : Parrot Green T-Shirt

Thursday : Yellow T-Shirt

Friday : Maroon T-Shirt

Royal blue Balloon Skirt

White Socks with stripes.

Black Shoes.


T-Shirt same as girls.

Royal blue Shorts.

Socks & shoes same as mentioned in girls.


Royal blue Balloon Skirt.

White socks with stripes.

Orange T-Shirt Polo neck (full sleeve) all five days.

Yellow sweater with coloured stripes.

Royal blue Jacket with hood.



Royal blue Trousers

Orange T-Shirt Polo Neck (Full Sleeve) all five days

Yellow Sweater with coloured stripes.

Royal blue Jacket with hood.

  • Labelled hanky Daily Tied on T-Shirt Properly.
  • One Home Dress in a Labelled Packet to be kept in school, used in Emergency.

Girls: Class I to V
Monday – Friday: Grey Skirt (White on Saturday), White Shirt.
Girls: Class VI to VIII : Navy blue salwar, navy blue and white checked Kameez, navy blue cotton chunni, House wise track suit on Saturday, black heeled shoes (White shoes on Saturday).

  1. Salwar ‘mori’ – 14 inches (maximum width)
  2. Kameez Length – One inch above knees

Boys: Class I to V
Grey half – pants (white on Saturdays), white shirt

Boys: Class VI to VIII
Grey trouser (House wise track suit on Saturday), White shirt.
Half sleeved shirts in summer & full sleeved shirts in winter.

  1. Pant’s mori – 18-20 inches (width)
  2. No jeans allowed.
  3. Plain black flat shoes with laces (White on Saturdays)


  • All the boys from class I to VIII & girls from Class I to V to wear tie, belt and white socks in summer & grey woollen socks in winter with the stripes of their House colors.
  • These will be available from the school stationery shop.
  • Navy blue “V” necked pullovers and navy blue blazers (With the school monogram) are to be worn in winters. Please note that the blazers must not be double – breasted.

Children (all boys & girls) from class I to V must wear grey trouser in winters (instead of skirts / halfpants)
Parents are requested to purchase the materials for the uniform from the shop approved by the school authorities. It is must to maintain Uniformity in shade.