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Removal from Rolls

Removal from Rolls

  • If the school fee is not paid by the end of the month for which it is due, the defaulting parents/guardians shall be asked to withdraw the pupil from the school, and no transfer certificate shall be issued until the dues are settled.
  • If a pupil’s progress is unsatisfactory or if his/her behaviour is socially unacceptable, his/her parent/guardian will be notified about it. If even after a month, the pupil makes no effort to improve, his/her name will be struck off from the school.
  • The school endeavours to inculcate in the students the habit of cleanliness and neatness. Parent/guardians are requested to see that their children are always clean and neatly dressed for school. Students shall not be allowed to enter the school if they are untidy and not properly dressed.
  • In summers students must arrive latest by 7:40 AM and in winters the students must arrive latest by 8:40 AM. Thereafter no student will be allowed to enter the school premises.